Friday, August 22, 2014

Eddie Henderson - Sunburst (1975)

I'm back from the beach, NYC, and motherfuckin' Towson, baby! Sorry to take off so suddenly on you, but you know I gotta do me. To make it up to you, here's some spaced but hard-hitting jazz-funk from trumpeter Eddie Henderson and company that I recently had the pleasure of listening to while walking around Loch Raven reservoir, high on hydrocodone and muscle relaxers. (I realize that this is the second post in a row in which I've mentioned being high on pills, but I refuse to put effort into these little blurbs, so you can take it or leave it.)

Track listing:
1. Explodition
2. The Kumquat Kids
3. Sunburst
4. Involuntary Bliss
5. Hop Scotch
6. Galaxy
7. We End in a Dream



  1. One of my all time favorites thanks very much!

  2. Henderson and Johnson together. So much talent on one little record. Many thanks!