Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Endless Blizzard - Remember Your Death (2008)

Frostbitten black metal from sunny California. An effective mix of simple tremolo-picked melodies and brutality, with some shredding solos, keyboard interludes, and a good deal of doom. I've made a few 'intro to black metal' mixes for friends, one of which I ended with "Glorious Opiate Dream" -- that's gotta count for something.

EDIT: For some dumb reason, I just read the reviews for this album on Metal Archives. Possibly because I just railed a bunch of Adderall and felt like getting aggro. It should go without saying that people on that site are stupid and wrong about 97% of the time, but just in case you actually take listening advice from people on there: those two highly accomplished critics, Noktorn and Zephyrus, are completely off base. Noktorn makes it clear that he hates USBM across the board-- clearly biased -- and Zephyrus is, embarrassingly, convinced that Endless Blizzard sounds exactly like Leviathan, seemingly based on the fact that they're both from California. Whatta coupla ding dongs.

Track listing:
1. Winter's Early Breath
2. Arcane Dimension
3. Telepathic Rites
4. Luciferian Crown
5. Cultivated by Darkness
6. Under the Tranhelm
7. Deathlust Conqueror
8. Glorious Opiate Dream
9. Buried Still Breathing / Remember Your Death

Nameless regions are near
Dead architects awaken
Build my mysterious craft
From worlds between spheres

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  1. Love your blog man. And your intro to black metal tape to me in 2009 was mind-blowing.