Monday, August 24, 2015

Gasp - Drome Triler of Puzzle Zoo People (1998)

Mind-melting, experimental, psychedelic grind/powerviolence. Explosions of blast beats, breakdowns, and pissed-off sludge interspersed with thick, echoing soundscapes. I remember in high school hearing Gasp on the Reality #2 comp, then going to buy this LP only to have my friend tell me that it sucked and not to bother. What a jerk. If I had gotten stoned and listened to this when I was 17, my head probably would have exploded.

Track listing:
1. Can't Seem a Mongrel Bly
2. Silk Orbita
3. Eyes the Tentacle and Arachnid Knew
4. Remembered 29 Times
5. Floors Building Legs
6. Little Jupiter Come Home to a Great Man
7. Eating the Translucent Old Folks Village
8. Sky Flowers Through Horse Eggs
9. Forest by the Concubined Sea
10. Auroren
11. Hungry Wer Pedal's Loaded Luggage
12. The Climbing Neuronium Ladder
13. Trippy Dead Zone
14. Renion Dusted
15. Modern Fuel Plan
16. Fluttering Gnome-Lette Suite

Planet of the apes

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  1. love this blog so much. i never comment, but wanted to give you props for posting what i've always considered to be the most slept-on album from this entire era/scene. i bought a used copy in 2000 because of the cover art alone and it opened up my mind to an entirely new avenue of heavy music. this was seriously a game-changer for me and i swear it gets better every time i listen to it. GASP for life.

  2. the description sounds fuckin great - cheers!

  3. Gasp is excellent.

    In similar matters, you may want to check out this, if you haven't already: