Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blasphemophagher - ... For Chaos, Obscurity, and Desolation... (2010)

Ripping blackened death metal. In addition to the many other things this record does right -- great riffs, nasty vocals, crushing breakdowns, unintelligible solos -- there are multiple instances of the all too rare slow blast, which is IMO one of the best things a heavy band can do. Someone once told me that people don't like this band because their look is super cheesy. I can't confirm or deny this, but I can say that that would be a really dumb reason to dislike a band as good as Blasphemophager.

Track listing:
1. Intro - Descending Into Extermination
2. Chaos, Obscurity, and Desolation
3. Perverse Multiverse of Damnation
4. Sign of Blazar Storm
5. Vengeance from Nuclear Abyss
6. Altar of Quantum Immortality
7. Fleshripping Terrordeath
8. Black Hole Abominations
9. Rites of Eternal Horror
10. Ascending to Chaosthrone - Outro

Bestial vomit


  1. Some dipship on Discogs reviewed this album..."Never heard this, but something tells me this release would gather dust in your record collection", but also put this statement in his user profile..."I,m the most famous black metal collector in Die 666 Dimension"...WTF!?!

    Was also wondering if you have Angelcorpse - Hammer of Gods and if so could you post it? PLEASE!!! - Britt

    1. What kind of dumdum reviews a record that they haven't heard?! Good lord. I do have that Angelcorpse, would be happy to post it.

  2. Just thought I would ask again about posting that Angelcorpse album and was also wondering if you could repost Rome - Masse Mensch Material. - Britt

    1. Just fixed the Rome link. Totally spaced on Angelcorpse, I'll post it soon.

  3. Thank you!!! -Britt

  4. i know this is years later, but wtf is a "snow blast"?

    1. "Slow blast" : slowed-down, Suffocation-style blast beat