Friday, September 18, 2015

Throneum - Old Death's Lair (2001)

Some reverb-drenched, thrash-y Polish black/death to nihilistically annihilate your unsuspecting ass.

Track listing:
1. The Key
2. Rites of Forefathers
3. Reign of War
4. Immolation's Fear
5. Torture's Mask
6. Creeping and Trustful
7. Domination to Fall
8. Ancient Mother Whore
9. Black Thrash 'Til Death
10. Future Is Like a Funeral
11. Serpentine Transformation
12. Doomsday
13. Last Revelation
14. Rite of Cthulhu [Samael cover]

The eldest black goat dwells beyond all darkness

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