Friday, September 4, 2015

Indo G - Angel Dust (1998)

Hard as fuck Memphis gangsta rap, courtesy of Prophet Posse. Crimes, drugs, and misogyny.

Track listing:
1. Da Calendar
2. Ain't No Bitch in My Blood
3. Throw Them Thangs
4. Ashes to Ashes
5. Remember Me Ballin'
6. Break the Law '98
7. Dead Men Don't Talk
8. Fall Up Off Me Ho
9. Will a Nigga Make It
10. Big Boy Shit
11. Prophet Hataz
12. Ghetto Party
13. My Nigga's Crazy
14. Fly Straight
15. Cleopatra
16. Can You Feel Me
17. Tear da Club Up Thugs (Intro)
18. Fuck What Ya Heard

Body parts


  1. So bad it's good. Great blog, glad to see they're not all dead.

  2. its fucking crazy lol. any music i look up, i end up on this blog. white zombie early shit, memphis rap, black metal, shoegazing shit, literally everything and i end up here. shout out to whoever runs this.

    1. hahahaha i was saying the exact same thing ! word up