Sunday, January 24, 2016

Doug Hammond - Spaces (1982)

Cerebral, sharp-edged jazz led by drummer Doug Hammond, and fleshed out with two alto saxes, a bit of flute and piano, and cello. Dissonant solos and intricate, asymmetrical rhythms abound, but there's a sense of playfulness that keeps it from feeling too harsh. Not sure how an album of this caliber managed to slip through the cracks, but at least us nerds are here to catch it.

Track listing:
1. Space and Things (Suite): Lopin'
2. Space and Things (Suite): Water Moves
3. Space and Things (Suite): Spell Dance - Meno Mosso
4. To My Family
5. Cüd Ba-Rith
6. Snakepit Strut
7. Mini Ensemble
8. Rizz Biz
9. Uhren
10. Murdxas
11. Figit Time

To live the fairytale of life

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  1. Wow. The spirit of Dolphy shifts through here in waves. Indeed how did this one get away amid the similarly approached albums by Dolphy, Ornette, Coltrane and Cherry that it most certainly ranks with. Much thanks for this wonderful post.

  2. Many thanks for this great post! Ricardo