Friday, August 4, 2017

Horizon 222 - The Three of Swans (1994)

Ingleton Falls - Absconded (1994)

Immersive ambient trance. A complex, deceivingly dynamic sound-world of pulsing synths, layered drum loops, fragmented dialogue, and atmopheric SFX.

Track listing:
1. Justice (Long to Rain Over Us)
2. Walking on the Air [Leapy Air Version]
3. Hemp (For Fun and Profit)
4. One Small Dot [Stardust Micromix]
5. Love Shakuhachi
6. Liberation (Om*Pa*Na*Da)
7. As You Let Go
8. The Last Supper [Massacre Mix]
9. Illuminum (The One True Name)

I was staring at the ocean
I was staring at the trees

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  1. Thank you! I sold my copy years ago and have regretted it since. Now I can see if it still holds up.

  2. Stone cold 90s techno ambient classic. I think this guy was a member of Zoviet France if memory serves me well! I love all the panning echoed riffs on this one!! Thanks for the healthy serving of electronic goodness!

  3. Great stuff, thanks for sharing. Do you have their 1st album?? cheers phil