Thursday, October 19, 2017

Moonshine - Moonshine (2005)

Inure - Inure (Rough Mixes) (2003)

Another amazing Baltimore band. Their sound lands somewhere between Grief and Burning Witch, with fucking vicious vocals by my old homie and bandmate Mis. Moonshine joined my old band for the last leg of our US tour in summer '05 and proceeded to made us look like amateurs every goddamn night.

(Don't be disheartened by the small file size; they're m4a's and sound great to me.)

Track listing:
1. Baby Elephant Stomp
2. White Smoker
3. Happy Ending
4. Thrice
5. Dead Ringer
6. While Supplies Last

My mind is a swollen sea and the fish swim dronefully in the thick memories

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  1. Enjoying the hell out of this...and I don't even like sludge normally. Thanks!!

  2. Great album and blog! In case you wanted 320 mp3s of this album I uploaded them here: