Sunday, October 22, 2017

Numb - Numb (1987)

Canadian electro-industrial. Pulsing synths, hoarse, disgusted vocals, jagged guitars, and disturbing samples.

Track listing:
1. God Is Dead
2. Eat Me
3. Lies
4. Guilt
5. The Hanging Key
6. Two Faces
7. The Morality of Altitude
8. Blue Blight, Black Candle

Bloody, chained, and dying
Freedom is a vice of your mind

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  1. Weird coincidence, the main fella behind this band, Don Gordon, previously played guitar in the synthpop band Images in Vogue at the same time that pre-Skinny Puppy cEvin Key was their percussionist

    1. Pretty sweet lil piece of trivia there, thanks!

  2. Thanks for all your tireless work!