Friday, July 19, 2019

Dernière Volonté - Les Blessures de l'Ombre (2003)

Synth-heavy, martial-industrial-neofolk. A perfect example of the kind of music I tend to listen to when I'm sick, which I am.

Track listing:
1. Ouverture
2. Le Poison
3. Vienna
4. Les Orages du Crime
5. Les Yeux Fermés
6. La Foudre et le Tonnerre
7. Un Dernier Crépscule
8. Vers la Lumière
9. La Source
10. Ton Visage de Papier
11. Les Blessures de l'Ombre
12. Souvenir de Demain
13. Si...
14. Au Revoir

Choosing to suffer

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  1. You implied in the past that you'd like to be informed on the bands you post - espically on a political level - so here goes nothing. Like many bands in their genre, Dernière Volonté do not only have a highly problematic fanbase here in Europe, mostly consisting of closeted neonazis and identitarian hipsters, but also associate openly with right-winged to fascist persons, organizations and labels. They might not be openly fascist themselves (they are definitely cryptofa tho), but many of their friends seem to be, and there is no incentive of Geoffrey/Dernière Volonté to change anything about it.

    For example, they have released in the past repeatedly on Albin Julius' label "Hau Ruck!" a well known right-winged label in European neofolk. Not only is Albin Julius aka Der Blutharsch a problematic person in his own right (nevermind his hippie-schtick), "Hau Ruck!" also served as a harbor for bands such the American neofolk-combo Changes, whose memebers have not only been members of the Minutemen-movement, but were active in far-right, white-power organizations such as the "Asatru Free Assembly" and the "Asatru Alliance".

    Dernière Volonté have also played gladly concerts with Henryk Vogel aka Darkwood, a well known totally-not-neofascist band from Germany. His music is not only full of neo-fascist dogwhistles such as tracks called "Totenburg" (Totenburg refers in the German language specifically to memorials for soldiers that were erected during (!) the Third Reich), he also glorifies thinkers such as Oslwald Sprengler ( and more than once commented gladly on the "rise of nationalism in Germany".

    But probabably most damning is Dernière Volonté's contribution to the sampler "Codreanu: Eine Erinnerung an den Kampf" in remembrance of Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, leader of the romanian "Iron Guard" an "an ultranationalistic, antisemitic, Magyarophobic, and anti-gypsy organization" who has commited countless atrocities in the early 20th century ( Geoffrey's contribution is called "Ma Foi Est Mon Combat" ("My faith is my fight").

    They also use SS-emblems as band-logos (something the entire scene does to make their poor taste really evident), sympathised with Albert Speer, one of Adolf Hitler's closest friends, wrote songs in remembrance of French fascist Pierre Drieu La Rochelle ( and is often reviewed in German far-right magazines such as the "Junge Freiheit" and "Blaue Narzisse". His concerts were advertised in Germany by people such as Chris­tian Kapke, which in turn is associated with the right-winged terrorist group "NSU" ("National Socialist Underground") which murdered 10 people over the course of seven years

    This is too much to be conincidental or merely "provocative". Dernière Volonté is more than bad taste, it is a project by a networked, politically active and convinced neonazi. What you do with that information is up to you; love your blog otherwise, by the way.

  2. Better hide under your bed! Far Right people are making music! (nice Wikipedia citations. they're totally reliable and unbiased.)

  3. You have realized that this is a generally left-leaning blog, right?