Sunday, July 21, 2019

Mark Isham - Mark Isham (1990)

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More artful, ambient jazz from trumpeter Mark Isham. Some songs -- particularly the ones featuring the simmering vocals of Tanita Takiram -- lean heavier into adult-contempo, and land in similarly evocative, nocturnal territory as The Blue Nile, circa Hats. Also features the glistening, fluid guitar stylings of David Torn.

Track listing:
1. Honeymoon Nights
2. I Will Never Know
3. Marionette
4. An Eye on the World
5. Blue Moon
6. Ashes and Diamonds
7. Toward the Infinite White
8. Songs of the Flying Fish
9. Turkish Delight

To forget for a moment

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  1. Man if you have any other Blue Nile esque recs I have been looking for some for awhile. I like that album way more than I feel like i should but damn is it good.