Saturday, August 24, 2019

Earl Slick - Zig Zag (2003)

An excellent solo record of tight, punchy art rock by Earl Slick. Features a bunch of different vocalists -- most notably, Robert Smith and David Bowie, for whom Slick played guitar on and off dating back to the Diamond Dogs tour. "Isn't It Evening (The Revolutionary)" is pretty much a lost Bowie song. Sorry once again for hardly being on here anymore, but believe it or not, the dude running an mp3 blog in 2019 doesn't exactly have his shit together.

Track listing:
1. Dancing with Eleanor
2. Believe
3. Isn't It Evening (The Revolutionary)
4. 1735
5. Zig Zag
6. Pike St.
7. Crunched
8. St. Mark's Place
9. Psycho Twang
10. The Cat

I forget if it's always this way
I was told it was gold to this day

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  1. Don't stress about taking breaks. People appreciate whatever you can do.


  2. Best music blog going, quality is the key not necessary quantity. We love what you do here.

  3. Agreed on both counts. Deal with things as you can.

  4. Likewise, I value your quality over your quantity.

  5. I agree, super thankful for all your efforts! your blog has introduced me to a lot of new music. very grateful for any efforts you make for us.

  6. I love your blog!!! Anxiouly waiting for your 2019 best of lists!!!🤘🤘

  7. Yeah as poster above mentions, appreciate any uploads, you have quite some taste!

  8. Been a fan of you taste for quite a while now. Checking your blog has become part of my daily routine. Also enjoy the tone of your writings very much. Wish you the best !

  9. Keep smiling in the face of adversity, brother --PC

  10. Regardless of how often you post stuff, the hard work and excellent taste is always appreciated. As always, thank you!

  11. Yes love the blog, aint many left. Great shit, Thank You

  12. Always fascinated by the variety of your blog, so much love and support. 2019 appears to be the year that many of us are struggling to keep our shit together. Thanks for everything.

  13. When they recently Showed Bowies Glastonbury performance in its entirety, Slick was there doing his stuff, still rate Station to Station as the thin white dukes best. This made me realise how lucky I was to see Earl as Glenn Matlocks guitar man in a sweaty 200 person venue in Winchester. Close enough to see the genius at work, living proof of speed (no drug references intended) does not mater. Heaven!
    Love the blog and the wide ranging styles.....any chance of going flac?