Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Abbey Lincoln - Abbey Is Blue (1959)

One of my absolute favorite vocal jazz records. Slow-burning, ethereal sounds for the late-night hours, addressing heartache and racial injustice in powerful, sorrowful terms.

Track listing:
1. Afro-Blue
2. Lonely House
3. Let Up
4. Thursday's Child
5. Brother, Where Are You?
6. Laugh, Clown, Laugh
7. Come Sunday
8. Softly, as a Morning Sunrise
9. Lost in the Stars
10. Long as You're Living

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  1. Cool. I know her from "We Insist!" with Max Roach - but don't know if
    i have heard her stuff as leader.

  2. Beautiful. This is why I follow music blogs.

  3. Very interesting, thank you!

    Stuffy from Sweden

  4. FYI - being reissued. https://found.ee/abbeylincoln-abbeyisblue-j