Monday, February 22, 2021

Pablo's Eye - Pablo's Eye (1989)

First album by this under-appreciated project, a musical collective centered on Brussels-based artist Axel Libeert. Glistening guitars, sharp synths, Marie Mandi's understated, expressive vocals (which often remind me of 90s Joni Mitchell), a bit of viola, and very little percussion of which to speak. Not particularly representative of the group's definitive sound, but a great record nonetheless.

Track listing:
1. The Lord's My Shepherd
2. Mysteries Due To...
3. Winter
4. Burning Passion
5. Possession
6. Helen's Nose
7. A Duel
8. The Salmon Sings
9. Lullabye

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  1. Interesting! But I had hardly followed them had this been the first release I heard. Not half as good as the later releases (my opinion).

    1. Big disagree. Sounds like we have very different tastes.

  2. Sounds like a challenge I'm willing to take. I love "Chinese Food," so to speak.