Saturday, February 27, 2021

dälek - Absence (2004)

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My favorite dälek record, and definitely in my hip-hop top 10. Impenetrably dense, shoegaze-like walls of noise, monstrous beats, and bleak, extremely pissed-off flows. One of the only rap records that's made me do the invisible pineapple. 

Track listing:
1. Distorted Prose
2. Asylum (Permanent Underclass)
3. Culture for Dollars
4. Absence
5. A Beast Caged
6. Koner
7. In Midst of Struggle
8. Eyes to Form Shadows
9. Ever Somber
10. Opiate the Masses


  1. Fantastic album. What's your hip hop top-10 btw?

    1. Hell on Earth by Mobb Deep is probably my #1, and Doggystyle is my #2. Outside of those (and Absence): Fear of a Black Planet, Illmatic, Aquemini, Ill Communication, Hell Hath No Fury, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot, and AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted are probably involved, but I don't think I can rank them. (I'm not claiming that these are The Greatest Hip-Hop Records Ever Made, just my personal favorites.)

  2. Inquiring readers want to know what "the invisible pineapple" is. Thanks for the music!

    1. It's when something is super metal so you make a claw with your hand, palm up, that kinda looks like you're holding an invisible pineapple. AKA the invisible orange. Like this:

    2. hahaha that's awesome! thanks for everything you do :)


  3. Yesssss love dälek! Nice choice D_S. Been quite a while but I used to have a great fckn time mixing dälek (especially) with Meat Beat Manifesto, the classic material such as 99%, Radio Babylon/remixes, NOW, etc.. Something sublime always with these sick clangorous tracks meshing on my technics 1210s ;-)

    1. Fuck yeah, you're speaking my language, that sounds amazing!

  4. Back when this was released and customers would ask me about it at the record store I worked at, I would say it sounded like James Plotkin, Public Enemy and Rakim if they made a album together.