Monday, April 12, 2021

Daniel Lanois - Belladonna (2005)

Haunting ambient instrumentals from Daniel Lanois, who, despite having released a number of solid-to-excellent ambient and singer-songwriter records, is best known for his work as a producer for massive artists like Bob Dylan, U2, and Neil Young. Mysterious, nocturnal, somewhat cinematic pieces for a wide array of instruments. Another record that I first discovered while searching the Pitchfork archives for their worst reviewed records (I know that musical taste is subjective, but goddamn can they get it wrong sometimes.)

Track listing:
1. Two Worlds
2. Sketches
3. Oaxaca
4. Agave
5. Telco
6. Desert Rose
7. Carla
8. The Deadly Nightshade
9. Dusty
10. Frozen
11. Panorama
12. Flametop Green
13. Todos Santos

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  1. Thanks! A great listen. Perfect for these sundered days and nights.
    (& if i may be so bold, i recommend another work with DanLanois' hand on the tiller. From early in his career - 1981, Martha & the Muffins, "This is the Ice Age". If you haven't heard it, do so - it's a fabulous record, a bit ambient pop, a bit new wavey, a bit bloody good) Ta again

  2. I gave up on Pitchfork many years ago. They used to be a great resource 20 years ago but at some point their musical tastes veered way off from mine. Thanks for charting your own course!