Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Stezo - Crazy Noise (1989)

Old-school hip-hop straight outta New Haven, Connecticut. A former EPMD dancer, Stezo's flows are perfectly enjoyable, slightly above-par old-school fare -- "I'm the man with the plan to make you stand / Get up and clap your hands" kinda stuff -- but his beats were seriously ahead of their time. His aesthetic, not so much.

Track listing:
1. Bring the Horns
2. Freak the Funk
3. Talking Sense
4. It's My Turn
5. Getting Paid
6. Girl Trouble
7. To the Max
8. Put Your Body into It
9. Jimmy's Gettin' Funky
10. Crazy Noise
11. Get's into His Move
12. Going for Mine

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  1. freak the funk!!!! i consumed the grooves of this one and the first two EPMD albums!!!