Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dio - Dream Evil (1987)

While we're on the subject of slightly less prominent but still totally badass albums by heavy metal icons, here's Dream Evil, which is short on 'definitive' moments, but long on quality. I really shouldn't have to describe the sound; if you're one of the unlucky few who somehow never got to know this beautiful, dearly departed man's creative output, then just imagine "heavy metal," and whatever comes to mind should be pretty accurate. For maximum anthem-readiness, almost every chorus is just the name of the song repeated a few times times ("Sunset Supermaaaan! Sunset Superman! Sunset Supermaaaaan!") Also, "Sunset Superman" is about a heroic, sun-oriented character who fights and defeats a personified nighttime evil -- remind you of anything?

Track listing:
1. Night People
2. Dream Evil
3. Sunset Superman
4. All the Fools Sailed Away
5. Naked in the Rain
6. Overlove
7. I Could Have Been a Dreamer
8. Faces in the Window
9. When a Woman Cries

We are evil
And we are all divine


  1. Dear Spirit,

    If not a problem, could you please repost.
    Also, any idea why people seem to knock
    Dio's "Sacred Heart"?

    Thanks for the blog!

    1. Because it's not Holy Diver or The Last in Line? I dunno, a lot of metalheads just love to nerd out, amplify tiny differences, and pick sides. It's a great album as far as I'm concerned. And: the link is reupped.

    2. Thanks so much for the link, DS.
      I also love "Sacred Heart",
      but maybe I'm just not
      "kvlt" enough!