Saturday, October 12, 2013

Regurgitate - Effortless Regurgitation... The Torture Sessions (1999)

63 tracks and just under 56 minutes of classic, sloppy, poorly recorded, stomach-churning Swedish goregrind. One thing that I appreciate about this band is that, unlike some of their shittier peers, Regurgitate dole out the punishment to both men and women -- one one hand, there's "Vulva Fermentation" and "Total Dismemberment of a Female Corpse," and on the other, we have "Testicular Trauma" and "Torsion of the Testicle." How PC of them.

The Torture Sessions is, in essence, a reissue of Regurgitate's first LP, Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood, with a demo and two EPs tacked on. Not to be 'that guy,' but I like the demo (tracks 38-54) the best. Normally, I'd probably skip the track listing, but in the spirit of the season, I'll try to plant as many disturbing, violent images in your head as possible.

Track listing:
1. Intro: The Act of Intestinal Regurgitation
2. Disgorging Foetus
3. Confluent Macular Drug Eruption
4. Bullous Impetigo
5. Fleshfeast
6. Anorectal Ulceration
7. Vulva Fermentation
8. Multicystic Kidney
9. Mucupurulent Offal Grinder
10. Total Dismemberment of a Female Corpse
11. Carnal Cacophony
12. Vomit Breath
13. Complete Rectal Prolapse
14. Testicular Trauma
15. Genital Cancer
16. Malignant Tumor
17. Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis
18. Owner of a Necrotic Intestine
19. Newborn Regurgitation
20. Torsion of the Testicle
21. Worm Eaten Rectum
22. Chronic Lymphatic Leukemie
23. Meatal Ulcel
24. Purulent Discharge from the Urethra
25. Vaginal Obstriction
26. Cloudy, Grayish Vomitus
27. Fleshmangler
28. Splattered Brains (Agathocles cover)
29. Bulging Vaginal Septum
30. Acute Urinary Infection
31. Severe Necroses of the Face
32. Bleeding Peptic Ulcer
33. Face Mutilation
34. Extensive Ulcerative Tumor
35. Tumescent Foetal Fluids to Expurgate
36. Carbonized Bowels
37. Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood
38. Basic Torture Procedure
39. Phrenetic Chainsaw Slaughter of a Crippled Infant
40. Revel in Menstrual Excrements
41. Uncontrolled Anus Violation
42. Drugged, Raped and Excreted
43. Self-Dismembered Foetus
44. Bloodspattered Wideopen Abdomen
45. Deranged Menarche Injection
46. Bludgeoned to Death
47. Drastical Decapitation of a Raped Infant
48. Forced Abortion Through the Rectum
49. Maiming the Defenseless
50. Bloody Ejaculation
51. Coprophagical Mutilator
52. Putrid Reek of Decomposed Embryos
53. Putrefactive Bowel Consumer
54. Frenzy Faecal Munching
55. Corpse Allergy
56. Sickening Thoughts
57. Brainscrambler
58. Regurgitated Giblets
59. Methylated Bile
60. Liquid Excrements
61. Carnal Cacophony
62. Vomit Breath
63. Suicide...

I wonder if they even understand the meaning of vivisection

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