Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rachel's - Selenography (1999)

Dark, low-key, instrumental post-rock. Piano, guitars, strings, and sparse percussion painting abstract, mysterious landscapes.

Track listing:
1. A French Galleasse
2. On Demeter
3. The Last Night
4. Kentucky Nocturne
5. Honeysuckle Suite (Sugar Maple -- Elm -- Sweetgum)
6. Artemisia
7. Old Road
8. An Evening of Long Goodbyes
9. Cuts the Metal Cold
10. The Mysterious Disappearance of Louis LePrince
11. Forgiveness
12. Hearts and Drums

You will be safe
You will be asleep

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  1. Hey D_S

    Thanks for this! Wasn't actually looking for the Rachel's but there it was ;) I have enjoyed
    "The Sea And The Bells" and "Music For Egon Schiele" for years now. Other than that I have a split they did w Matmos, but don't remember it, no idea where I put it

    -I hope you received my email w the edIT link? Let me know when ya can (no rush....I just don't want to send more stuff unless I know you got it!)

    Good weekend bro