Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Death Ambient - Drunken Forest (2007)

Experimental, improvisatory sounds from US trio Death Ambient. Guitars, percussion, electronics, synth, violin, and banjo collide to make abstract, unsettling music that touches on drone, dark ambient, regular ol' ambient, modern classical, abstract jazz, and psychedelia.

Track listing:
1. Lake Chad
2. Greenhouse
3. Belarus
4. A Cocktail of Chemicals
5. Thermohaline
6. Dead Zone
7. Qianwei Sky
8. Yellow Rain
9. River Tigris
10. Drunken Forest
11. Coral Necropolis

Heart set

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  1. Thought this might've been a Tzadik release based on the artwork. Looks interesting!

  2. Could be of interest to mention that two memebrs of this group are Fred Frith and Ikue Mori, no less.