Monday, September 26, 2016

Rebirth of Nefast - Only Death (2006)

Irish black metal (pretty sure that's a first for this blog.) Three long, linear compositions that maintain both a dark, trance-like state and a consistent sense of forward momentum -- like falling deeper and deeper into an endless abyss as tortured ghosts hover, howling and writhing in agony, on all sides. By the way, I'm extremely high on kratom.

Track listing:
1. Wrapped in the Earth
2. Flaming the Inner Snactum
3. That Deathly Aura

Drink of the black chalice

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  1. LOL hell yeah gotta hit the krate before Big Pharma takes it off the legal market to make money off of the synthesized version of Mitragyna speciosa....shady :(

    1. So sad. How will the children of tomorrow get hella fucked up??

    2. They will probably just have to resort to eating datura seed pods, poor kids. Well maybe if they didn't spend so much time on utube oh well....

      Great job with the blog your variety and selections are on point.

      My friend made this compilation of tapes maybe you will enjoy some of it.

  2. Insightful pharma discussion aside, there'd better not be clogging on this record. Hey wait, black metal clogging might be kind of cool. Or does Abbath already do it? I'm confused.

    1. No clogging, but I can't guarantee you that the band members aren't leprechauns

  3. Seems this band later moved to Iceland - I guess the Emerald Isle isn't the ideal place for creating black metal? (Cue hundreds of messages from Irish black metal fans/bands).