Sunday, September 11, 2016

Claws - Absorbed in the Nethervoid (2009)

Finnish death metal. Gnarly, groove-y riffs, beastly vox, and a heavy doom presence that will remind you that Lasse Pyykkö, the sole member of Claws, is also in Hooded Menace.

Track listing:
1. Absorbed in the Netherworld
2. Bloodsucking Sorcery
3. Cacophonous Carrion
4. Casket Contagion
5. Cloak of the Sacrificial
6. Macabre Manifestations
7. Lurking in the Catacombs
8. Skeletal Reincarnation
9. Abominations That Crawl Forth

Menace of the skeletal dead

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