Friday, May 12, 2017

Space - Magic Fly (1977)

Synth-fueled, retro-futuristic French disco. Everything about this record is heaven-sent, including the music video for the title track, which is the pinnacle of human achievement thus far.

Track listing:
1. Fasten Seat Belt
2. Ballad for Space Lovers
3. Tango in Space
4. Flying Nightmares
5. Magic Fly
6. Velvet Rape
7. Carry On Turn Me On

Nose dive

A couple more lines:
George Duke -
Master of the Game (1979)
Telex -
Neurovision (1980)


  1. Hey pal,

    as always, thanks for your great posts.
    I come for the funny blurbs, but I leave with a new aural experience.

    anyway, you dont happen to have any of the Lagniappe Sessions, or anything from the Light in the Attic, or even Mexican Summer label?


    1. I don't have the Lagniappe Sessions. I def has stuff from Light in the Attic and Mexican Summer, anything in particular you're looking for?

  2. this is just too wonderful for words - as is that brilliant music video!

    by coincidence, I picked a few compilations in the Disco Discharge series a few weeks back - one of them kicks off with Carry On, Turn Me On.

  3. Yeah, looking for Lilacs and Champagne Danish & Blue, and the Midnight Features albums. I have the first on vinyl but no digital rip.
    As for the other label, anything by Dungen, in particular.
    Having said that, I'd be keen to hear your excellent and always trustworthy recommendation!