Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dorothy Ashby - Soft Winds: The Swinging Harp of Dorothy Ashby (1961)

Sublime jazz led by jazz-harp great Dorothy Ashby. It is impossible for one to fathom how impossibly chill, soothing yet engaging this album is without hearing it, so I'm gonna skip the part where I try to describe it, and just tell you that if you miss this one, you need to take a good, long look in the mirror.

Track listing:
1. Soft Winds
2. Wild As the Wind
3. The Man I Love
4. My Ship
5. Love Is Here to Stay
6. I've Never Been in Love Before
7. With Strings Attached
8. Laura
9. The Guns of Navarone
10. Misty

Dancing in the dark

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  1. I usually eschew all things harp unless it's Zeena Parkins. I'd seen Ms. Ashby's stuff before but hadn't listened, so dropped this one on your recco. And you are not wrong. I hear her lines as falling somewhere between guitar and vibes typically do, in how her harp contributes to the ensemble. Sublime indeed. Much thanks for the post.

  2. For a deeper dive in things harp, I recommend a visit to

    You must hear the Gail Laughton LP she has. And Look for Low Leaf on Bandcamp. She is all over the LA music scene making a R&B hybrid that is great. She also played on Jonwaynes new album Rap Album II. And for straight up jazz harp 2017, look for Brandee Younger. A torchbearer.

  3. @Anonymous:
    Hearty thanks for the roadmap.