Saturday, May 6, 2017

Telex - Neurovision (1980)

Glorious, robotic synthpop/disco. Neurovision splits the difference between herky-jerky, new-wave-y synthpop and warped, laid-back disco that, as the title track makes clear, takes at least a bit of inspiration from the great Kraftwerk. I loved this record the first time I heard it, and have liked it more and more every time I've heard it since.

[Bonus links for Sex and Wonderful World in the comments.]

Track listing:
1. We Are All Getting Old
2. My Time
3. Tour de France
4. Euro-Vision
5. Plus de Distance
6. Twist en Saint Tropez
7. Dance to the Music
8. Réalité
9. Cliché
10. A/B
11. En Route Vers de Nouvelles Adventures
12. Moskow Diskow
13. Finale

The man who turned into a computer

Lilli Berlin -
Süss und Erbarmungslos (1982)
The Creatures - Expansion /
L'Altro Mondo Studios


  1. Thanks for posting! I feel like this group doesn't get enough love.

  2. This is one of the greatest records, EVER. PERIOD. Kraftwerk sans the Teutonic Anti-Body Bullshit. One of the tracks, Neurovision, was premiered at the Eurovision competition. They got one vote, and apparently it was a mistake. Their own country, Belgium, didn't even vote for them. The performance flummoxed everyone. IT WAS DEAD GENIUS. Their performance was a giant FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU to the Eurovision contest. They performed with disinterest and utterly surrealist physical rhetoric coupled with a faint waft of disgust. And at the end? The singer took a picture of the audience. Just. Wow.REQUIRED VIEWING, for 2min50sec:

  3. Good post. Great band. Cheers.
    Got me thinking... They had a great tune called "Raised by Snakes" ("I was raised by snakes, I lie all the time"). Seems it was from their '84 album "Wonderful World". Had a good poke around online but can't seem to run the album to ground. (any chance you have it in the Opihum vaults?)

    1. I definitely do, will post a link when I get home

    2. Blammo:

    3. Thanx for the above, it's been 40+ ears since I heard it (and their debut) the last time...but the link above is dead...any chance of a re-up?

  4. Oops, sorry for my rudeness. Got distracted by a passing moth and forgot I'd left you a request. Not cool of me.
    Anyway really looking forward to hearing this.
    Many thanks again for posting the link.
    More power to your elbow.

  5. Thanks for both Neurovision & Wonderful World. Now, where is my disco scarf?

  6. Can you reup Wonderful World & maybe Sex if ya got it?

    1. Sure, here:

    2. Sorry also dead...