Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Super Cat - Boops! (1986)

Digital dancehall from an Afro-Jamaican deejay with an effortlessly smooth, unrelenting flow. It's been hot and sweaty as hell here in Portland, OR, so here's some hot and sweaty music to match.

Track listing:
1. "Pops"
2. Move Up
3. What a Ride
4. Terminator
5. Charity
6. Boops
7. Vine Yard Party
8. D.J. Daddy
9. Jamaica Jamaica
10. How Cat Go America

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  1. Pretty sure your mega file for this link is corrupt. Download will not "initialize".

    But thanks for sharing this album. I've never heard of this artist, so I checked it out on youtube and it made me think of yellowman.


    1. Seems to work for me, and usually when a link I post isn't working I get flooded with comments about it. Guessing it's something on your end, or it was just some weird momentary glitch.

    2. No worries it worked later. Not sure what the issue was because your other links worked fine at that moment. Anyway thanks for the tunes.

  2. Also on Sly & Robbie's Rhythm Killer starting with a wailing police siren on Boops! Here to Go and pounding non stop for 30 minutes until Bank Job ends. In their encyclopedic output it's their best by far.