Sunday, August 1, 2021

Variable Unit - Handbook for the Apocalypse (2003)

Future jazz/hip-hop fusion for weirdos and freaks trying to survive in a world that's hell-bent on ending itself. The kind of truly excellent, utterly obscure album that makes me even more suspect of the inexplicably popular titans of our pop/hip-hop landscape.

(If anyone has a higher quality rip of this, please post a link in the comments.)

Track listing:
1. Towers Open Fire
2. Handbook for the Apocalypse
3. War Again
4. Not One of Us, All of Us!
5. I Am on a Journey to My Soul, But the Police Just Pulled Me Over
6. We Are at War
7. Hologram Network
8. Shake the Cosmic Dice
9. Gas and Violence
10. Walking with My Son
11. Transcending Terror
12. Killing Time

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