Saturday, July 31, 2021

Enochian Crescent - Telocvovim (1997)

10/10 Finnish weirdo black metal. A truly unorthodox sound that reminds me at times of death, gothic doom, and progressive metal, but never really ventures too far from completely kickass black metal. They also have real chops, which is not necessarily expected for a black metal band. Maybe it's the big, beefy production bringing out a death metal element that I'm not even sure would register if the album had a raw-er sound. Speaking of which, you know that gimmick where a track starts off sounding like a super-shitty recording, then all of a sudden, the real production kicks in and you have to lunge for the volume knob? This album kicks off with an amazing take on that.

Track listing:
1. Kun Ihmisliha Itki
2. Closed Gates of Tomorrow (The Cold Harvest)
3. Crescentian
4. Under Autumn Trees
5. Amma I Piad Sa Madriax
6. A Wolf Among Sheep
7. A Dream of Basaltic Submarine Towers of Titanic Proportions and Nightmare Angles
8. Afar (The Age of Rust)
9. When Tears Run Dry
10. Bonedancer
11. Black Flame of Satan Burning

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  1. wow. like ... wow! this certainly does tick all those boxes except that it also rocks mightily. thank you mr spirit! more exceptional music we would not have heard if not for your blog.

  2. how is this album not more vaunted!? crazy good, thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks, good stuff indeed, in the back of my mind I have known of their existence for ages but never really checked them out. That's why music-blogging still exists and still is relevant I guess. Kiitos.

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaah. apropos of nothing: would you be willing to post "raging death" comp? If not so be it. Thanks for everything on this here blog.

    1. Yes:

  5. Thank you so much. Just got the poly styrene solo thing from you.........we're lucky to "have" you