Thursday, July 29, 2021

Polmo Polpo - Like Hearts Swelling (2003)

Glorious sounds merging Gas-like ambient and woozy, abstract post-rock from Ontarian artist Sandro Perri. Layered towers of drone, guitar, strings, loops, and more build and recede, anchored by muffled pulses and angelic slide guitar. I found Polmo Polpo through the laid-back, zen-like indie/folk rock that Perri puts out under his given name, and that's definitely worth checking out, too.

Track listing:
1. Romeo Heart
2. Requiem for a Fox
3. Farewell
4. Sky Histoire
5. Like Hearts Swelling

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  1. Thanks for this special post - been a "fan" of this guy for years but didn't know about this album - I guess my fan status must be reduced! - Cheers from Qualicum Beach!

  2. Cool...might just have to get this for bandcamp Friday tomorrow.

  3. saw Polmo a couple times here in Winnipeg and each time was gorgeous. Once was alongside Tim Hecker and Tomas Jirku. few years later i had the privilege of sharing the stage with him at a show in Toronto. he was playing in Great Lake Swimmers at the time.