Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Freedom Call - Stairway to Fairyland (1999)

Triumphant German power metal. Not a hint of thrash, doom, or nihilism to be found -- just hyper-speed chugging verses, cinematic keyboards, huge choruses, heavy breakdowns, and guitar pyrotechnics, all in service of what the band dubbed "happy metal."

Track listing:
1. Over the Rainbow
2. Tears Falling
3. Fairyland
4. Shine On
5. We Are One
6. Hymn to the Brave
7. Tears of Taragon
8. Graceland
9. Holy Knight
10. Another Day

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  1. I've always been curious to listen to this band since I started listening to Extreme Music and after this review, I understand why I always went far... hahah

    1. Yeah, I could see that. I mean, they're definitely 110% a power metal band, but they're nowhere near as obnoxiously peppy or over-the-top as some of their peers. I'd put them in the same subcategory as Helloween, with whom I believe (might be remembering wrong) they've shared a member or two.

    2. One member. Sharing this from Metal Archives, because the phrasing amused me: "Sascha Gerstner left after "Crystal Empire" saying that he would never play in a metal band again. A year later he joined Helloween."

      He's still in Helloween, nineteen years on.