Monday, July 26, 2021

Jack Frost - Jack Frost (1991)

Steve Kilbey - The Slow Crack (1987)
Steve Kilbey - Unearthed (1987)
The Church - Priest=Aura (1992)
Steve Kilbey & Russell P. Kilbey - Gilt Trip (1997)
The Church - Hologram of Baal (1998)
The Church - Untitled #23 (2009)

First of two albums from this fruitful collaboration between Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Grant McLennan (The Go-Betweens, who I still haven't really given a good listen). Jangly guitars, drum machines, gauzy synths, and heavy-lidded vocals. Way better than an obscure side project of this nature has any business being.

Track listing:
1. Every Hour God Sends
2. Birdowner (As Seen on T.V.)
3. Civil War Lament
4. Geneva 4 a.m.
5. Trapeze Boy
6. Providence
7. Thought That I Was Over You
8. Theshold
9. Number Eleven
10. Didn't Know Where I Was
11. Even as We Speak
12. Ramble
13. Everything Takes Forever

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  1. I'm a Go-Betweens fan and didn't know this existed. Will certainly check this out.

  2. I had forgotten about this one. Remember liking it back in the day. Gracias.

  3. Been benefiting from your posts for a while now, it's a thrill to return to your blog after some time and find what surprises one will find. Also find your writing amusing. Thank you!