Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Doc Corbin Dart - Patricia (1990)


Doc Corbin Dart's only official solo album. Released the year after The Crucifucks split, Patricia marked a sharp departure from that band's abrasive punk into the jangly world of Replacements-esque indie/alt rock -- although his vocals continue to positively drip with animosity and sarcasm. It's also way more personal than any of the Crucifucks stuff, dealing primarily with Doc's neuroses and mental health struggles.

Track listing:
1. Out My Window
2. Falling
3. The Cathedral
4. Don't Look In
5. Little Town, Little People
6. Fear of Abandonment
7. Casket with Flowers
8. Patricia
9. Here for You Now

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  1. Saw Crucifucks twice, both times they confounded the audience expectations in really fascinating ways. Any chance of an L.D. Eye upload? Thanks for all the great music!

    1. Already done, it's actually linked above, but I'll put it here, too:


  3. this record is as great as any crucifux lp....really love it

  4. Thanks so much for all the amazing music you share here, mate. Speaking of: I remember reading a comment thread on some random post, the thread between you and someone else regarding Phil Yost's "Touchwood's Dreams" and either of you sharing a rip of that as soon as you found it. Well, someone at the Internet Archive was kind enough to upload a rip of that whole LP online.