Sunday, January 16, 2022

GOD - The Anatomy of Addiction (1994)


GOD was, as far as I know, the project that first put Kevin Martin (The Bug) on the map. The project's sludgy, noise-rock-by-way-of-industrial-metal core sound was certainly indebted to Godflesh, and this similarity was not lost on Justin Broadrick, who produced the first GOD record and played guitar on the rest of them. However, they're no clones, as GOD occupied a generally more expansive, out-there space that also encompassed free jazz, experimental psych, and more.

Track listing:
1. On All Fours
2. Body Horror
3. Tunnel
4. Lazarus
5. Voodoo Head Blows
6. Bloodstream
7. White Pimp Cut Up
8. Driving the Demons Out
9. Gold Teeth
10. Detox

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  1. YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Been looking for this for years and years!!! Amazing! And yes, definitely Kevin Martin's first recorded outing. The hook-up with Justin Broderick came about cos Martin gave Godflesh their first gig in London at a night he was putting on in Brixton, which lead to him recording God, then they did the first Techno Animal record together after that. Legends :) thanks so much for this, it's the missing piece of the puzzle I've been needing!

  2. It's 79 minutes innit. You couldn't get 119 minutes on a single CD...anyways, this is a great record!

    1. Oh shit you're right, it's an hour and 20 minutes, not 120 minutes, my bad.

    2. (The max amount you can fit on a CD, that is.)

    3. Hey,
      its not his first recorded outings, the first one was "Possession", if not counting: "Loco" and Techno Animal-Ghosts"

    4. Maybe I wasn't clear. GOD was (as far as I know) Kevin Martin's first major recording project, but obviously, this isn't the first GOD record.

  3. I stand corrected! Didn't know about Possession so will hunt that business out

  4. One of my all-time favourite live experiences.. check out Loco too, that one is something else..

  5. Destroy Before Listening podcast did a recent interview with Dave Cochrane who played bass in God (and Sweet Tooth, Head of David, Jesu, etc etc)

  6. Their discography is in lossless and lossy format in, sorry if the inclusion of reference to another website, DEAR_SPIRIT, bothers you.