Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Gomorrha - Gomorrha (1969)

Here in PDX, it seems that summer might finally be hitting. So to mark the occasion, 'bout some hard-driving German psych-pop? After this record, Gomorrha decided that hard prog was where it was at, and re-recorded their debut with a more pronounced psych/blues sound and English lyrics, but I prefer this rawer, less self-conscious version.

Track listing
1. Lola
2. Totes Land
3. Flammenhände
4. Reise
5. Regenbogenschein
6. Gestern
7. Kreiseltanz
8. Sommer
9. Trauma

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  1. Holy crap I like this one. I'm not sure if you got my email some months ago but at any rate here's my latest episode of eclectic stuff with disjointed talking bits in between. Thanks for letting me alert you. Cheers.
    Paradise Overground E 24.
    An eclectic collection of songs for summer time of varying listener friendliness whilst battling a migraine with A class narcotics.