Thursday, June 30, 2022

Marion Brown - Sweet Earth Flying (1974)

Sublime, meditative free jazz by saxophonist Marion Brown. Explorative, far-out sounds that are currently making my cat Peepers extremely nervous.

Track listing:
1. Sweet Earth Flying, Part 1
2. Sweet Earth Flying, Part 3
3. Sweet Earth Flying, Part 4: Prince Willie
4. Sweet Earth Flying, Part 5
5. Eleven Light City, Part 1
6. Eleven Light City, Part 2
7. Eleven Light City, Part 3
8. Eleven Light City, Part 4

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  1. A fantastic album as are several others by MB in this period. Nice choice!

  2. Amazing, not least because of some beautiful keyboards. I can't tell which are by Muhal Richard Abrams and which by Paul Bley, but I don't care.