Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Majority Rule - Interviews with David Frost (2001)

Killer screamo/ hardcore power trio with psychedelic leanings (read: the guitarist had a delay pedal and switched to the clean channel sometimes,) Pretty sure I went to the record release show for this album in DC. Also pretty sure that Antiproduct played, but my friends and I had just realized how fucking terrible that band was, so we left early and listened to this on the drive back instead.

Track listing:
1. The Sin in Grey
2. At 3 A.M.
3. Burial Suit
4. Xoxo
5. Progress of Elimination
6. Endings
7. Kill the Cheat

Burned himself for you
Burned for your lies
From now on, it'll be different


  1. Whyyyyyyy do people still use WMA files?????!!!!! UGHHHH

    1. These aren't WMAs, I can't play those either, what are you talking about?