Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mineral - The Power of Failing (1995)

I just read that vaguely Christian emo favorites Mineral are doing a reunion (probably because they heard that Sunny Day Real Estate already did one -- get it?) so here's their awesome, ragged first full-length. Get ready to lock yourself in your bedroom, writing poetry, smoking cigarettes, and pining for that rad girl who likes pharmaceuticals and has a boyfriend who's in a band that sounds like Archers of Loaf -- just like we all did in high school.

Track listing:
1. Five, Eight, and Ten
2. Gloria
3. Slower
4. Dolorosa
5. 80-37
6. If I Could
7. July
8. Silver
9. Take the Picture Now
10. Parking Lot

Rejoice, my soul
How long will you fear

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