Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sabbat - The Dwelling (1996)

A low-budget epic of raw Japanese black/thrash. The Dwelling consists of one hour-long track that, against all odds, doesn't come across as just a bunch of songs strung together, and completely kicks ass throughout. Lots of meat and potatoes blackened thrash, killer riffs, and off-kilter ritualistic sections, complete with cheesy keyboards and ghostly, pseudo-operatic clean vox. All metalheads must hear this.

Track listing:
1. The Dwelling: The Melody of Death Mask

The forests create the black night,
The black nights create the darkness,
The darkness raises a red full moon,
The moon raises the ancient winds,
The ancient winds create the storms,
The storms create a grand silence,
The silence raises a golden shadow,
The shadow raises an eternal blood...
The birth of the unseen evil


  1. excelente aporte pero no esta cancion por cancion es una sola pista de 1 hr

  2. :) Salvador, la pista de 1 hr se titula "The Dwelling: The Melody of Death Mask" y eso es el disco completo. Lo dice el post ("The Dwelling consists of one hour-long track")