Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Slow Death - The Slow Death (2008)

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First album from this phenomenal death/doom trio. Beauty and the beast vocals, strings pads, harmonized leads, and five very long songs. Lyrically, The Slow Death appears to be a concept album about a traveller who, upon returning home, mistakenly infects literally everyone in town with the Black Plague. Overall, it's about as good as this subgenre gets, so fans of My Dying Bride, early Theatre of Tragedy, Shape of Despair, etc. -- get on it.

Track listing:
1. The Prodigal Son
2. Sickness
3. The Slow Death
4. Grave
5. Dark Days

And all who live are soon to die
The doctors of black shroud and beaked face
Soldiers and servants, the sinners and chaste
The miasma lingers, the evil air
Permeates every alley, every house, every room

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