Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Therapy? - Babyteeth (1991) + Pleasure Death (1992)

Two mini-albums of dark, experimental noise rock from this longstanding project. Although they were most prominent throughout the mid-90s, I've always felt that Therapy? are at their best when they're at their noisiest and most inscrutable, so these, their first two releases, represent some of my favorite material of theirs.

Track listing:
1. Meat Abstract
2. Skyward
3. Punishment Kiss
4. Animal Bones
5. Loser Cop
6. Innocent X
7. Dancin' with Manson
-Pleasure Death-
1. Skinning Pit
2. Fantasy Bag
3. Shitkicker
4. Prison Breaker
5. D.L.C.
6. Potato Junkie

God kicks with both feet

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