Thursday, April 30, 2015

Visage - Visage (1980)

One of the better new wave records you'll come across. Precise rhythms, soaring synth melodies, robotic vocals. Will remind you that new wave rose directly from Low.

Track listing:
1. Visage
2. Blocks on Blocks
3. The Dancer
4. Tar
5. Fade to Grey
6. Malpaso Man
7. Mind of a Toy
8. Moon Over Moscow
9. Visa-Age
10. The Steps

Addiction, addiction, addiction, addiction


  1. nice to see Low get the credit it deserves as one of the ancestors of all this. My fave Bowie album and I have the pic of Bowie from the front cover tattooed on my back in tribute

  2. thnx for posting this, a solid record

  3. R.I.P Mr Strange - remember grooving to this at a school disco.

  4. thx, man! I missed this 1 since today

  5. Gracias!
    Saludos desde Monte Grande!

  6. Directly from Low... and every single Kraftwerk song released before 1980...