Monday, January 14, 2019

Ester Drang - Goldenwest (2001)

A forgotten gem of hazy, shoegaze- and emo-indebted Oklahoman post-rock. I've always gotten vaguely Christian vibes from this band, but as far as I'm aware, their lyrics are cryptic enough to elude specifically religious interpretations.

Track listing:
1. Goldenwest
2. Song for Jonathan
3. Is Nothing New
4. Repeating the Procedure
5. That's When He Turns Us Golden
6. Words That Cure, Part 1
7. Words That Cure, Part 2
8. How Good Is Good Enough?
9. Felicity, Darling

Everything you do
Becomes a part of you

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  1. I think Christianity is about the only extreme this blog avoids.
    Making it a perfect blog.

  2. Thanks for this. Sorry about the Mummer. I guess whoever owns XTC's catalog must be trolling for that sort of thing. Sometimes you can avoid the hassle by screwing around with the file name, like instead of Mummer, "Mmmr" or some such.

    1. Yeah I thought about it, but if they're that on top of getting shit taken down from DL sites, they might come for the blog itself next, and I really don't wanna get shut down over a post about a band that everyone already knows anyway. So fuck it, right? Thanks a lot for letting me know, tho, coulda been much worse.

  3. Good point. Under the radar's the only place worth being.

  4. Fuck extcee... no! Don't fuck them... that is worse