Thursday, January 3, 2019

Laika - Sounds of the Satellites (1997)

Masterful second album of anxious, slow-burning trip-hop from this British trio. Nervous, skittering rhythms, spacious, psychedelic atmospheres, and cool, deceivingly laid-back vocals.

Track listing:
1. Prairie Dog
2. Breather
3. Out of Sight and Snowblind
4. Almost Sleeping
5. Starry Night
6. Bedbugs
7. Martinis on the Moon
8. Poor Gal
9. Blood + Bones (Moody Mix)
10. Shut Off - Curl Up
11. Spooky Rhodes
12. Dirty Feet + Giggles

I watch the lights on the ocean
I count the leaves on the trees
If it wasn't for your indecision
There'd be nothing between you and me

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