Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Declining Winter - Goodbye Minnesota (2008)

Downcast post-rock dirges from sunny West Yorkshire. Room-reverb-heavy acoustic guitars chime, horns rise and fall, violas drone, melodicas wheeze, and warped vocals slide in and out of view like ghosts. I absolutely hate this time of year.

Track listing:
1. Summer Turns to Hurt
2. We Used to Read Books
3. I Don't Really Want to Be Alone
4. To Know Gospel
5. Yorkcitythree
6. Oh God C'mon
7. The World Is an Idiot
8. Last Train to Maple Grove
9. The Clock Gently Ticking in the Hall
10. Hey, Nick Heyward
11. Goodbye Minnesota

Trees sway back and forth

More wintertime classics:


  1. Thank you so much for this. Really good band.
    Always something good here.
    Very appreciated.
    The best year for you Man.

  2. Many thanks for this, I didn't know about the Hood Honcho's side projects. Leeds so much to answer for (says the Lancastrian!)

    1. Yeah, I'm actually on a bit of Hood and Hood-related projects kick -- makes for great work music and comedown music -- and was planning on posting another one soon.

    2. Don't let me stop you! Thanks again.