Saturday, January 21, 2023

Disfear - Everyday Slaughter (1997)

"But DEAR SPIRIT," I hear you say, "if you're so busy, surely your pushup regimen must be suffering!" Not to worry, my caring, inquisitive reader, it's not. I'm still shupping like a madman. I've even taken to shutting my camera off and busting out a quick 50 when a classmate in a Zoom lecture asks a question about something I already understand. Today, I did pushups #200-300 to Everyday Slaughter, arguably the greatest straight-up d-beat record ever recorded.

Track listing:
1. With Each Dawn I Die
2. Anthem of Agony
3. Crimescene: Worldwide
4. A Race for Power
5. Spectre of Genocide
6. Everyday Slaughter
7. Subsistance
8. Totalitarian Control
9. Frustration
10. Aftermath
11. 101 Overkill
12. Captured by Life
13. In Fear

More d-beat:


  1. A great one for sure!
    The Artillery post is hard to beat though.
    If some of the inquisitive readers was in search of filthy black:

  2. Disfear is what made me realized most swedish death metal is just longhair D-beat