Saturday, January 28, 2023

Rumah Sakit - Rumah Sakit (2000)

This is a really great math rock/post-rock record. This band's bassist is Kenseth Thibideau, who was also in Tarentel, which is a really great post-rock band that some of you probably know. These are the facts. This is the post.

Track listing:
1. I Can't See Anything When I Close My Eyes
2. Scott & Jeremiah
3. Careful with That Fax Machine
4. Wind & Wing
5. Bring on the Cobras
6. Stomacheache Due to the Sincere Belief That the Rest of My Band Is Trying to Kill Me

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  1. hey man i am BIG fan of your work and you absolutley intrdouce me to sea of music

    i want to ask you if you free
    did you listen to
    Amanda Anne Platt - Live In West Asheville 2015 (if you didnt you must its a girl with guitar)
    Katie Melua - 2007 - Pictures
    NevershoutNever - The summer 2009
    johnny cash - 1959 - Songs of Our Soil
    Jeff Wayne - The War Of The Worlds (1978)

    and what the metal genre you think you didnt give it full attention
    what your Favorite Concept Albums

    THANKS a l o t

    1. Hey, glad to have helped you find some music. Of those, the only one I have heard is The War of the Worlds. I'd say I haven't given a whole lot attention to symphonic power metal -- just doesn't really appeal to me -- or deathcore, which I kinda like sometimes but honestly would rather just listen to death metal or hardcore. Favorite concept album is a tough one, gonna go with The Downward Spiral. The first one that came to mind was Andy Shauf's The Neon Skyline, I still listen to that all the time.