Thursday, June 10, 2021

Corpsefucking Art - Splatter Deluxe (2003)

Nasty Italian brutal death. Short, frantic songs with the kind of raw, unadorned recording quality that, despite making for an even grosser sound, is pretty much unheard-of in the world of today's tech-y brutal death. Also, they sample both South Park and the theme from Dawson's Creek, and it's that kind of blatantly dumb shit that pushes records like this over the top.

Reminds me of one of the worst shows I've ever played: in Tijuana, on the third floor of this huge bar that was on a super-busy strip and had no parking out front, so we had to lug all of our shit for three heavily-trafficked blocks THEN up two flights of stairs to the show room, where maaaybe 15 attendees awaited a night of shitty grind. We and the band we were touring with were supposed to go on second-to-last and last out of 9 goddamn bands, but the show got started a few hours late and had so many technical difficulties that the second band didn't start playing 'til after midnight. So we told the promoter that there was no fucking way, and we'd either go on next or not at all, finished off our two complimentary pitchers of warm beer (which doubled as our pay, of course), played for a handful of utterly uninterested people, and left. Oh and this fat, sweaty, wasted dude kept trying to wrestle me all night. Terrible. The kind of show that makes you want to swear off of touring for good, which is essentially what I did.

Anyway, none of the bands were anywhere near the level of Corpsefucking Art, but one of them did sample Family Guy a bunch of times.

Track listing:
1. The Freezer's Monster
2. Necromantic
3. Splatter Deluxe
4. Pet(ting Sematary)
5. Robocorpse
6. Gore Mon Amour
7. Suck My Corpse
8. Dawson's Crypt
9. Corpsex II (The New Menu)
10. All You Need Is Gore
11. Four on a Meathook
12. Oblivious to Evil [Deicide cover]
13. Demented
14. Pig Pong

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  1. I miss when I played in bands and traveled through the Underground here in Brazil!

  2. so... why is your band called Rohit?

    I ask because it's a pretty common first name in some parts of the world.

    1. The band started as a solo recording project in my basement, and I completely off the top of my head started labeling every track "ROHIT [something]." Thought it was a word that I'd made up, and it just sounded right. Googled it, found out that it was a very common name in India and was rooted in an older word for a certain shade of red, I think? So that worked, and naming a band is hard, so I just went with it. I still think of it as a nonsense word that I made up and pronounce it "row-hit," whereas the name (as I'm sure you're aware) is pronounced "row-heet."

    2. Ah, I see. The name is pronounced pretty much the same way (row-hit) too, though. Which is fine, you may attract random Indians to your shows, who knows?

    3. I definitely used to work with an Indian dude who loved that my band was called Rohit. He was the one who told me it was pronounced "heet" but maybe it's different depending on region or something.