Thursday, November 11, 2021

Aanal Beehemoth - Forest Paranoid (2008)

Swedish raw black metal/hardcore hybrid. Echoing vocals over full-tilt, death-punk ragers and meat-and-potatoes, Gorgoroth-style black metal. As far as my tastes are concerned, one of the most successful black/punk fusions in existence.

Track listing:
1. Forest Paranoid
2. Dirty Soul
3. Kill for Money
4. Miserability
5. From Aanal with Love
6. Nuclear Hell
7. Penetrator
8. Frost in Head
9. Loaded Head / Empty Veins
10. Form of Satan
11. Sin Tonic
12. Witch Hunt

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  1. Glad you love this too! Strictly speaking it's kind of a 'parody metal' thing which causes the more humourless wing of frownmeister metalheads to say it's a load of shit, but those people have small minds ;-)

    1. Totally! A quick glance at their lyrics sheet ( makes it pretty clear that they weren't taking themselves very seriously. Definitely party of the appeal, because they're not really making fun of anything so much as they're just being completely over-the-top.